CEV Moto2, Jerez, Race: Edgar Pons wins again, first podium for Tommaso Marcon

Edgar Pons took the lead from the very beginning and got his third victory in a row. Jesko Raffin finished 2nd and Tommaso Marcon 3rd, but for the first time on the podium.

This race gave us an unreachable Edgar Pons: the AGR Team rider immediately took the lead and kept an unmatchable pace all through the competition, eventually winning another 1st step in the 2018 CEV Moto2 season. The head of the general ranking Jesko Raffin gained the 2nd place, but Italy is also on the podium thanks to Tommaso Marcon, who ended for the first time in top 3 in this championship.

Despite starting from the pole, Garzó got a penalty and ended up half-way down the starting grid. This definitely helped Edgar Pons, who managed to kick off amazingly and left a large margin from the current leader of the CEV Moto2 ranking Raffin. Not a good start for Tulovic and for the Italian riders Marcon and Zaccone, who lost their positions in favor of Alcoba and Ekky. Garzó’s race ended in a few corners: after he touched with another rider, he had to withdraw from the race. Alcoba was mad at himself for slipping when it was already close to the podium. Ruíz wasn’t luckier and fell on the same spot a little after.

The head of the ranking didn’t change: Edgar Pons managed to accumulate more and more advantage as laps went by, eventually getting his third success in a row after he won the previous two races before the summer break. Swiss rider Jesko Raffin crossed the finish line 2nd, while just behind three other riders started a fierce battle for the last step on the podium. Among Tommaso Marcon, Dimas Ekky and Lukas Tulovic, the Italian rider finally managed to gain the podium, his first one in this championship, while the other two finished their race in the aforementioned order. Alessandro Zaccone got the 6th place ahead of Marcel Brenner, while Xavier Cardelús, Benigno Solis and Miquel Pons took up the remaining positions in the top 10.

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