CEV Moto3 Catalunya, Race 2: Pagliani won ahead of compatriot Vietti

Two red flags influenced Race2 at Montmeló, making it a sprint race eventually won by Manuel Pagliani. Another Italian rider, Vietti, finished 2nd ahead of Alcoba (3rd).

The second Moto3 race has been a difficult one, with many accidents and two red flags that led to a six-laps-only race: Manuel Pagliani conquered another victory followed on the podium by Celestino Vietti Ramus and Jeremy Alcoba. Stefano Nepa and Yari Montella entered the top ten too, with a 7th and 10th place respectively.

The two riders of the Junior Estrella Galicia team kicked off incredibly well today, together with Fernandez, while poleman Pagliani lost few positions. Riu suffered the first spectacular fall (luckily with no injuries) and was forced to leave the race early. The same happened to Deniz Öncü and Viu. But just a few laps after this first fall, the race had to be interrupted with the red flag due to an accident among several riders: Tatay’s engine broke and he fell, taking the riders around him on the ground too. Nesbitt was among them and his injuries were apparently the worst as he had to be carried out on a gurney.

The race started again with a quick-start procedure, but it was reduced to 10 laps. Riders maintained their original positions on the starting grid and Garcia started very fast again, but this time Pagliani managed to get the head of the race right away. Among the leading riders also Nepa and Zannoni, who engaged in a fierce battle against Alcoba for the third place, while also trying to catch up with the first two riders. But the red flag waved again because of another accident: the hit among Toledo, Orgis and Andreas Perez interrupted the race and the last one had to be carried to the hospital with the helicopter for a complete checkup.

After a long wait, the race resumed but it was turned into a short six-laps competition. Viu performed the best kick-off, coming back on track in perfect shape despite the preceding fall. The few laps left made the riders start an incredibly hard-fought battle for the win. An accident among Bruno Ieraci, Deniz Öncü, and José Julian Garci forced the three riders to pull out from the competition. As the final unexpected turn of events, Ai Ogura slipped on the last turn trying to get the first place.

The end of the race. Photo credit: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

The Catalonian weekend ended with two Italian riders at the top: Manuel Pagliani conquered the victory ahead of his fellow countryman Celestino Vietti Ramus, who got his first podium in this Championship. Jeremy Alcoba finished the race 3rd, ahead of Raul Fernandez, Sergio Garcia, and Marc Garcia, while Stefano Nepa got the 7th place, followed by Apiwath Wongthananon, Yuki Kunii, and Yari Montella.

The final ranking

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