CEV Moto3 Le Mans, Race: Aleix Viu clear-cut victory, Pagliani gets a penalty

The poleman gains a fundamental success at Bugatti Circuit. On the podium with him are Fernandez and Ogura, the latter thanks to Pagliani’s penalty.

Aleix Viu’s weekend couldn’t be more satisfying, as he got both the pole position and a great victory thanks to the very fast pace he forced on his opponents, winning by a large margin. Raul Fernandez stepped on the podium too, while Manuel Pagliani got a 3 seconds penalty for exceeding track’s boundaries too often, although he still gave us an exciting final duel with the Spanish rider. Ai Ogura can only thank him for his third step on the podium.

The moment the light went off, both Chantra and Rossi kicked off amazingly while Viu had a difficult start. Right after the beginning we also witnessed three falls, one of which forced Vietti Ramus to end his race earlier. A little after, Fernandez took the lead of the race ahead of Rossi, Ogura, and Chantra. Eight riders engaged in a fierce battle for the top 3 positions, among them also Viu and Pagliani (who was not at his best because of an injured wrist): this situation didn’t last long because the poleman managed to conquer a huge advantage over his opponents, leaving them to fight for the remaining positions on the podium.

Aleix Viu eventually won, crossing the finish line with a large margin over Raul Fernandez (who still maintains his leadership with this podium) and Manuel Pagliani. Ogura finished 4th (but with a great time of 1:43.396) ahead of Somkiat Chantra and Yuki Kunii. Vicente Perez closed his race 7th ahead of Riccardo Rossi and Jeremy Alcoba, while Yari Montella managed to finish 10th despite the broken wrist he got during Qualifying.

Some last-minute penalties arrived to change the final ranking: Manuel Pagliani, who crossed the finish line 3rd, lost his position on the podium and ranked 6th due to a 3 seconds penalty he got because he didn’t respect track’s boundaries. Ai Ogura took advantage of this penalty and reached the 3rd step on the podium. Bruno Ieraci wasn’t luckier and got the same exact penalty, ending up 22nd despite finishing 11th.

The final ranking

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