Moto3 Sachsenring, Race: Jorge Martín wins, Bezzecchi 2nd

After getting the pole position, Jorge Martín also gains his second victory in a row, his fifth of the season. Marco Bezzecchi finished 2nd ahead of John McPhee.

It all started with a battle and ended with a spectacular breakaway: that’s how Jorge Martín conquered his fifth win of the season, a success that takes him 7 points up in the World Championship ranking and further away from Marco Bezzecchi (the only Italian rider in the top ten). The latter finished the race with an excellent 2nd place, resisting John McPhee’s assault who then got the 3rd step on the podium, a nice present to himself for his 24th birthday.

An outstanding kickoff for Martín, closely followed by Ramírez. The same can’t be said of Bastianini, who lost four positions in favor of Bezzecchi who managed to climb up to the first two riders. A great battle among many riders started soon after the beginning of the race, but Suzuki was soon left behind as he fell on the last turn. The group turned into a 5-riders battle, but then another 13 riders reached them and started fighting for the podium. Dalla Porta and Fernández hit each other, and the Spanish rider went out of track. The Race Direction then looked into the accident and gave the Italian rider a penalty that made him lose three positions for irresponsible riding.

But 12 laps before the end of the race we witnessed another hit, this time between teammates: on Turn 1 Di Giannantonio (who was then 2nd) made a mistake and hit Martín on the rear of his bike. The first rider fell down and had to withdraw from the race while the second managed to remain in the race despite losing some positions. A few laps before the end Arenas pulled out too, together with Bastianini who seemed very much in pain after crashing because of a contact with López. The race Direction is also looking into another crash, the one between the wildcard Ogura and Rodrigo that made both riders slip on the gravel.

Jorge Martín eventually started his breakaway, gaining a large advantage over his rivals and getting a clear-cut victory that allows him to gain more points in the World Championship ranking. Just behind him, some couples started a fierce fight for the remaining podium’s steps: Marco Bezzecchi and John McPhee, Canet and Ramirez, Masiá and Kornfeil. In the end, it was the Italian rider who got the 2nd place, while the Scottish one closed with a nice 3rd after a high-performance race. Marcos Ramírez finished 4th ahead of Aron Canet. The rest of the top ten was filled by Jaume Masiá, Jakub Kornfeil, with a large lead from a combative trio made up of Philipp Öttl, Raúl Fernández, and Ayumu Sasaki.

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