Davide Brivio: “Formula 1 is more difficult and exciting than MotoGP”

Davide Brivio talks at the presentation of the Alpine team and he remembers his adventure in MotoGP. “Leaving Suzuki was not easy”

Davide Brivio officially begins his new adventure in Formula 1 after a long career in MotoGP. The former Suzuki team manager left the World Championship as a winner, bringing the world title back to Hamamatsu. Now, he will play the role of racing director of Alpine, taking part in an organizational restructuring within the French team. “Obviously, it was not easy to leave my old team, an environment I knew very well”. But he could not give up such an important professional appointment as the Circus. “Formula 1 has been a dream for me for a long time. It’s very exciting for me to start something completely new, to enter a new environment “.

A new commitment that will require an incubation period. “Of course I have a lot to learn and to understand. For me, getting to work and learn many things is adrenaline and oxygen. It was an opportunity that I felt I had to take, I probably would have regretted it if I hadn’t taken it. I hope to be able to bring my contribution to the Alpine F1 Team with my experience. It won’t be easy and I’ll need some time. I am fully committed to getting involved as soon as possible “.


The former MotoGP technician will work closely with executive director Marcin Budkowski following the departure of former Renault F1 boss Cyril Abiteboul. “I will be in charge of track operations, track activity and therefore of everything that happens on the track. Basically, our job as a team is to exploit the full potential of the car“. A role of great responsibility that requires his great skills as a coordinator, making sure that engineers, pilots and all the insiders have what they need.

Going from MotoGP to F1 or vice versa, what is more difficult? “Maybe I’ll answer in a year. Right now I think it’s probably harder from MotoGP to Formula 1. F1 is a bigger organization and it’s more complex. This is a more technical job. In terms of putting the team together, trying to strengthen the group, I think there are similarities. There is no doubt that Formula 1 is more complex than MotoGP, but I think they both have similarities”.


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