Moto2, will Di Giannantonio and Bulega be protagonists in 2021?

Nicolò Bulega and Fabio Di Giannantonio are ready for the next Moto2 season with Federail Oil Gresini. Will they have what it takes to be on top?

While Fausto Gresini continues his battle against Covid-19, today, the presentation of his Moto2 and Moto3 team took place. A decisive change of colors dictated by the new sponsors led the bikes to abandon the classic blue in favor of red. A variation that immediately catches the eye when looking at Fabio Di Giannantonio and Nicolò Bulega’s bikes.

They both ended 2020 with an injury, which partially affected the work for the upcoming season. Nevertheless, this does not scare the two Italian riders, ready and energized to do well. Di Giannantonio returns to Team Gresini with the desire to bring home some great results. “It’s an important year, I feel I can do well and when you have a team that believes in it, you can do everything,” admits Diggia. “We also discussed with Fausto the possibility of Aprilia MotoGP, but then we opted for Moto2 with the certainty of making the leap in the category the following year.”


Fabio analyzed his last season. “Last year was difficult, we weren’t there. Once we found the square we went back fighting for the top positions. Now it’s a different story, you have to work well and everything will be easier, making the most of the few tests”. The injury changed something.“I changed my preparation, but nothing in particular. The approach will be the same and we are aware that we have a good package. What’s missing for the win? Maybe attention to detail, but we are working to fight to win. “

“The idea is to win races, to be in the game. I’ve been studying the KALEX since I closed the deal with Fausto, I’m very attentive to every possible driving style and how to work to go as fast as possible ”. Finally, as a good Roman, a football joke escapes: “Betting a euro on Rome or on Fabio Di Giannantonio’s world cup? I would bet on Fabio Di Giannantonio’s world championship! “


2021 will also be an important season for Nicolò Bulega, who’s back from an injury too. “Last year I struggled for various reasons, this will be an important year. We are working right and I am training well after recovering from my shoulder injury. I’m at 90%, but quite ready and I think I can be in good condition for Qatar ”. The convalescence times seemed longer. “They told me about 3-4 months, but instead I’m almost fine and this makes me confident.”

Bulega goes on looking for consistency. “It’s all about finding a good package. Last year there were some problems because the base was not good, every shift seemed to change everything and I struggled. The goal of 2021 is, therefore, to be consistent, then we can work on the details “. Another compressed calendar is expected with little chance of trying. “There aren’t many tests, but not a few either. The situation is the same for everyone, we just have to think about being fast ”. If there is anything to help his teammate, Nicolò has no doubts: “It is important. In the race, however, everyone runs for himself. “


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