Moto3: Aron Canet unhurt after being run over by a car

Moto3 rider Aron Canet experienced a terrible accident while training on his bicycle. According to what Spanish website Las Provincias reported, Canet was run over by a car in Alzira, but fortunately the Spaniard escaped the crash with just some grazes and livids on his body.

Spanish police immediately reached the place where the crash happened, in order to understand what caused it. Canet initially suffered much pain in one of his legs, but the checks he underwent later highlighted no injury. It seems like the accident was caused by a lack of attention from the man running over Canet.

Canet talked to Las Provincias about the accident: “In the end, I’m OK. I was cycling on the edge of the road, when a man ignored a continuous stripe and hit me. I was hit on my tibia, I fell and my bike was destroyed“. The Spaniard admitted: “Things like this happen too often, it’s more and more dangerous to train.”

Despite being still shocked from what happened, Canet is ready to continue his preparation for 2019, as he’ll be testing with Max Racing Team from 20th to 22nd February.


Translated by Alessandro Palma

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