MotoGP: Andrea Dovizioso has rejected Ducati’s proposal!

Ducati is facing some problems in the definition of the line-up for the next two seasons. Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo are negotiating the extension of their contracts with Ducati, but for now the parties are far from reaching a deal. The problem is that Ducati paid Lorenzo a lot of money to take him to Borgo Panigale (12.5 million per season, two-year contract), while the salary paid to Dovizioso amounts to just 2 million per season. Since then, Dovi won many races and fought for the title in 2017 and currently he’s leading the rider standings after the first 2018 GPs. By contrast, Lorenzo’s results are quite bad. Now negotiations are in a standstill, also because by Ducati, as well as by all the other manufacturers, money is not limitless.During a press conference, Andrea Dovizioso was asked about his future in Ducati and his answer surprised everyone: “I’m waiting for a proposal“. Nobody expected this, also because Davide Tardozzi had said that the deal with “DesmoDovi” would have been extended very soon. But now we understand what’s up.

Simone Battistella, Dovizioso’s manager, clarified everything to Autosport: “The deal is very far fro being signed. We met Ducati and in the end we decided that there’s still a lot of work to do. Andrea is asking for nothing extraordinary or exaggerated, but just for what he deserves. And for now, an agreement is very difficult from being reached.”
Ducati is trapped. Lorenzo is not competitive and will switch to Suzuki. Now only Dovizioso can fight for the win with Ducati. And this puts him in a strong position, after being underrated…
André Canezeuve/

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