MotoGP can smile: Fausto Gresini communicates via whatsapp

A glimmer of sunlight lights up the MotoGP paddock in this dull and race-free winter. After a month in intensive care due to Covid-19, Fausto Gresini’s conditions are slowly improving. “For my father, today is another step forward as it concerns blood oxygenation. He does not have a fever”, explains his son Lorenzo Gresini in the latest update. “The use of a pulmonary ventilator is still necessary. Unfortunately he can’t rest well during the night. He is tired but satisfied and motivated for the positive results“.

From ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ we know that the manager of Imola even answered a video call. An unexpected surprise, after a month in the intensive care at the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna. A month in which he was also inducted into a pharmacological coma due to respiratory problems. Since then, the former 125cc world champion has taken some steps forward. Now he remains intubated to breathe and he still cannot speak. Nevertheless from the lips and hand gestures, he makes it clear that the situation is improving.


Fausto Gresini has no intention to give up and his strong determination is evident in his eyes. Unkept beard and a tired face but now he can even talk to the men of his team. He even sat in an armchair for some time. Almost every day he communicates via Whatsapp. He’s aware that at the end of this battle there is another challenge to prepare and win.

In the coming months, he needs to plan the formation of his team that will land in MotoGP in 2022. He needs to find sponsors, riders, and, above all, a manufacturer to bond with. The manager from Romagna wants to be in pole position as a true champion.

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