MotoGP, Ducati: new salad box, wings, lights and lasers for the GP21

Ducati made its debut in the MotoGP test at Losail with a new fairing and a redesigned salad box. Jack Miller is working with lights and lasers for data collection

Jack Miller’s adventure with the Ducati factory team begins at the right pace. Second time at the end of the MotoGP test Sunday in Losail, just 77 thousandths from Fabio Quartararo’s best time. Once again, the Italian house sets the standard in terms of aerodynamics, bringing a fairing that mounts a third set of fins in front of the front wheel to convey the air flows. Once again we saw the Rossa working in tests with laser lights projected on the asphalt. The goal is to monitor how the rear of the Desmosedici GP21 relates to the surface by making changes.

The red laser and the light record the distance from the track surface and collect data that is beyond common understanding. In addition, the Ducati has a new “salad box”, slightly smaller and has a more streamlined shape. This is probably why the prototype has a laser aimed at the ground. Most likely the laser then detects the angle of inclination and the distance from the ground. Data that is used to check for slippage and what is happening to the rear of the GP21. In addition, on the front fork there is a small silver-colored clamp that had not already appeared on the Aprilia in the last two MotoGP seasons.

Miller’s words

Jack Miller does not want to reveal which specific areas he worked on in this first test session in Qatar. “I used it almost all day, making a direct comparison with the old ones. It was quite positive, we need to review it a bit and see if they can develop it a little more or if that’s what we will have for the whole year. But I’m happy with how the work is progressing, we don’t lose speed so it’s positive “. We remind you that the 2021 MotoGP regulation provides for only one aerodynamic change, and not two as usually happened before the Covid-19 emergency. In 2020 the Ducatis suffered a lot with the new Micheli rear carcass. The Australian seems optimistic: “In principle, we already had the tire situation under control at the end of last year. But you never know until you get to some circuits “.


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