MotoGP, Enea Bastianini: “Ducati has bet on us, they won’t leave us”

Enea Bastianini speaks after the presentation of Esponsorama Racing (Ducati): there is a great desire to do well. “We will have to learn from the best”

Esponsorama Racing (Ducati) puts a young team in MotoGP. Enea Bastianini and Luca Marini can’t wait to get started but they are aware that they are facing a great challenge.  They are both eager to learn and do it as soon as possible. During the presentation of the team, we were able to witness Bastianini’s new number, 23, because this year he will not be able to use his 33, already occupied by Brad Binder.

First sensations are what really matters. “The impressions of the bike are positive, it’s incredible to be here”. In 2021 Enea will have as his box mate Luca Marini, world rival in the title race last season. “Our relationship is good. In 2020 we were rivals but our relationship is good. We know each other and we have always respected each other: it has always gone well “.

Meanwhile, Enea has already begun to interact with the team. “I got to know my crew chief, Alberto Giribuola. We met a few times and we even had a small meeting to put together a program. The impression was positive, he already has a lot of experience on the bike even though being young.” We recall that Giribuola worked with Andrea Dovizioso. “He will be able to teach me a lot because he has worked with a very good driver on setup. I will have a lot to learn from him ”.

The debut will finally arrive in Qatar. “The expectations are not high for the tests, the bike is new. Initially, we will have to understand the new working method, in addition to many things. There will be a lot more electronics and we’ll have to get to know the new tires. It will take some time, but I can’t wait to get started “.

The arrival in the premier class implies some changes. “I changed a little my way of training, I’m working harder to be ready. In addition to the gym and cycling, I train with the dirt bike. I’ve been trying to do it at least twice a week for a couple of years. I still have a lot to learn. It’s a new discipline for me, but I like it a lot and I think it’s productive. I need to increase muscle mass; once I am fluid I may need less strength and more endurance, but we’ll see ”.

As a rookie, Bastianini will seek advice, including those of his manager Carlo Pernat, a historic figure in the world championship. “I have to keep his tips straight, he’s wise”, concludes Enea. The Moto2 world champion, however, “clipped” his wings a bit, joking: “What did he say to me? Carlo turned to me saying ‘Come on, let’s win another one!’. My answer? ‘Let’s wait a moment’ (smiles) “.

Going back to the 2021 season, testing only in Qatar can be a double-edged sword: “Testing there and racing twice can be an advantage, but staying on the same track is not a good thing. I would have liked to change, but this is the situation and nothing can be done about it. In the second race, I will certainly have more experience and we will see what can happen ”.

Bastianini arrives in MotoGP as a Moto2 world champion, a great responsibility. “I don’t feel this pressure, maybe it will take me longer to adapt than others”. In short, he needs to have patience. “I want to drive and have fun, let’s hope the results will come. If they are not there in the first year I will concentrate on understanding what to do in the second one “. In the premier class, he will find many old rivals: “There will be Mir, Pecco (Bagnaia), Miller, but also Rins and Alex Marquez. They have more experience and they are fast, we will have to learn ”.

Among them, there will be the teammate, Luca Marini. “I hope a rivalry can arise between the two of us, it would mean that we are really strong. However, it does not mean that it can become a great rivalry. In recent years everything has been leveled off, from the bikes to the teams up to the riders. I hope to be the protagonist, but there will be many of us and there are many factors at play, including the tires and the approach to the team. “

Ducati has often changed riders in recent years, but Bastianini is not afraid. “MotoGP is a very difficult category, we know that. However, if Ducati has bet on two young people, I don’t think they will let them go. Never say never in life, but I hope we will be able to do well! ”. Among the rookies there will also be Jorge Martin in the Pramac team: “We are three fast riders, all rookies on the same bike, with different riding styles. Luca is very tall, I am small and Martin is very aggressive. A great challenge that I want to win! We haven’t driven yet, it’s difficult to make predictions: Martin is also in a good team, but we’ll have to learn from the best to get to be quick as soon as possible “

MotoGP, Luca Marini: “I hope for a rivalry with Bastianini”


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