MotoGP, fire in Termas de Rio Hondo: boxes and other rooms destroyed

A violent fire hit the Termas de Rio Hondo racetrack (Argentina) and the last hopes of a MotoGP Grand Prix in 2021 are also in smoke.

After the postponement (cancellation) of the MotoGP round scheduled for April, more bad news arrives from Termas de Rio Hondo (Argentina). A few hours ago a terrible fire broke out in the racetrack, requiring the urgent intervention of the fire brigade. Investigations are currently underway to determine the cause of the accident in the upper area of ​​the pits. It generated “tongues” of fire that are visible even in the distance. VIP area, press room, transmission booths and the entire box sector have been destroyed, the hope is that the Juan Manuel Fangio Museum will be saved.

The flames developed very quickly due to the strong wind and the situation soon became unmanageable. And there are damages for millions of euros but the circuit has fire insurance. The fighters tell of creaks of metal sheets and explosions of glass. The equipment that came from the provincial capital and La Banda joined the volunteer firefighters of Termas de Rio Hondo. “We are working to save the museum but the fire burned the rest and consumed everything, it makes you want to cry with impotence“. Fortunately, there are no deaths or injuries.

Local authorities have launched an investigation to determine the causes of the accident. Authorities identified the maintenance people as the prosecutor said. If there was any vague possibility of competing in a MotoGP Grand Prix, now all hope is reduced to ashes. The race in Texas will also be cancelled by osmosis.

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