MotoGP, is the future of the Gresini Racing team at risk?

OF Fausto Gresini’s death could complicate his team’s MotoGP projects. Carmelo Ezpeleta has assured his support, but the team needs financial resources.

Covid-19 tore Fausto Gresini from the MotoGP paddock, a familiar world but with strict market rules. The 2021 season of the Gresini Racing Team had been planned for some time. Yesterday in Valencia the two days of testing began, with the four Gresini’s drivers also on track. “The team was already in Spain when the news of Fausto’s death arrived – explains Carlo Merlini to ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ -. We left each of them the freedom to choose. And everyone decided to shoot, imagining what Fausto’s will would be. One hand on his heart, the other on the gas and on the front fairing the Gresini inscription that Fausto used when he was racing “.


Gresini Racing is not just a team, but a company that employs about sixty people, with a turnover of around 15 million. From 2022 there will be a crossroads because of the access to MotoGP. Relations with Aprilia cooled down a bit and important sponsors are needed. “The team is solid and consistent, whatever they decide to do will not be a problem and Dorna will help them”, assures Carmelo Ezpeleta. “I heard him on the phone on December 27th. He told me that he went to the hospital a few days because he was a little worse. On the video call, he seemed to be better, then I don’t know what happened. If you think about the tragedies that hit this team, first Kato, then Simoncelli and now Fausto. It’s a disaster“.

Aprilia Racing will get two positions in MotoGP for the next five years. For the first time since 2014, Gresini Racing has to finance the budget, which ranges from 6 to 10 million. In November 2020 Fausto Gresini made clear that he would not form a customer team for Aprilia. The dream was to bond with Suzuki, but he has to deal with the Sky VR46 team, with Petronas SRT and also with Pramac. It is difficult to say now whether Gresini will be able to finance the project. In the worst case, he will have to give the two saddles to a new reality, as happened in Aspar in 2018. Or Dorna could withdraw the two free seats and decide to race with eleven teams and twenty-two riders.

Now the priority is to honor Fausto Gresini with a last farewell. It will almost certainly be held on the terrace of the Imola racetrack museum, for up to 100 people. However, the prefect’s ok is still missing, which must be followed by the mayor’s ordinance.


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