MotoGP, Johann Zarco: “A problem with the gearbox, that’s why I crashed”

Johann Zarco, first zero of this MotoGP season due to a gearbox problem. A complex Grand Prix, but it’s positive: “We were still fighting for the podium.”

The third MotoGP podium in three GPs was within his reach, but unfortunately, it ended in a very different way. Johann Zarco was one of the riders forced to leave early due to a crash, in his case while he was fighting for the podium area. Unlike others, however, he soon understood what the cause was: a small gearbox problem led to an accident with five laps to go. A real shame for the Pramac Racing driver, who started the season in a great way, but put the first zero on the scoresheet which made him lose the leadership as well. But having understood why mitigates the disappointment, albeit a great one.

At first I thought it was my mistake. I thought I had made a mistake in downshifting”. Admitted the former Moto2 two-champion. The data analyzed later with his team instead revealed a different situation. “There was a small gearbox problem at that time. The right gear did not enter, I found myself in first instead of second. So I got a little more engine brake and the front tire, which wasn’t very good on the right side, didn’t hold up. That’s why I fell.” At that moment Rins had already fallen, so it was Bagnaia, he and Mir who were fighting for the remaining positions of the podium.

In any case, however, it was not an easy race. “A few tenths were missing. I had to push a lot and use a lot of energy to keep up with the others. We were really on the edge. Or maybe even the gear changes have not been as successful as they should have been. In general, however, I was not that good. Maybe we needed some other adjustments, perhaps following when made by Bagnaia.” However, try to look on the bright side. “Despite everything we were fighting for the podium. And having understood why I fell helps me to be a little less disappointed.”


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