MotoGP, Luca Marini: “In Ducati we were shocked after my first laps”

First day of MotoGP for Luca Marini in Qatar. However, only a few laps for the rookie due to some problems, but ‘Maro’ already knows what he wants to work on

The MotoGP adventure begins for Luca Marini. The 2020 Moto2 vice-champion was finally able to test the Sky VR46 Avintia branded Ducati during the shakedown test. A difficult first day due to some technical problems that prevented him from turning as much as he wanted. However, the excitement of the debut in the senior class and the first impression with the bike remain.

“A complicated day 1 because we had problems with both bikes”, explains Marini. “I lost a lot of time at the beginning and in the first laps the power was not even 100%”. The first ‘powerful’ approach was therefore missing, what many define as a real shock the first time they get on the MotoGP. “When I got back to the pits they asked me what feeling I had and I replied that everything was normal. They were shocked by my reaction, but now we know why ”.

Problems solved, Luca was able to really start his new adventure. “The feeling, in general, is good. We have to work on my position in the saddle, I don’t feel too comfortable. I’m not in my natural position, especially in the middle of the corner. I would like to focus on these aspects when the track is dirty and we won’t be able to do too fast laps ”. ‘Maro’ then talks about the things that impressed him the most. “The carbon discs and the brakes. The way of braking is very different from what I have been used to in my entire life. The use I have to make of the carbon discs is different, I have to focus on this and the riding style “.

“I would like to feel the bike mine”

“The driving position is something I’ve never felt before, There were some new parts for me, I worked with a good foundation”. Luca has clear ideas about the work areas. “I’d like to feel the bike more mine, perhaps with a different saddle. I don’t know if it’s possible. I’ll ask Ducati for something, but if they can’t, it’ll be the same. In this case I will adapt “

“All the riders rode in these conditions apart from Jorge Lorenzo who worked a lot on this aspect. For me, however, adapting is not a problem ”, he continues on this topic. “If possible, however, I would like a slightly higher saddle. I don’t have enough space between the saddle and the footpegs, we have to try something different on that aspect “. Among the parts to be worked on, not only the saddle. “We also have to look at the handlebars and work on some details”.

“Two mechanics were absent due to Covid”

Unfortunately, some elements were missing from the garage. “Two mechanics who were with me in Moto2 should have been with me, but they tested positive at Covid”. The hope is that there is talk of false positivity. “It seems absurd, I know them well and I trust them, I know they always keep every precaution”, he continues to say. “I’m so sorry they couldn’t have experienced the emotion of the first day, it’s a special feeling. I hope that the next tests for Covid are negative and that therefore they are false positives, I want to enjoy this moment together for them “.

But what was the feeling of riding the Ducati? “Very beautiful, I expected worse. It drives well, even if I didn’t push it to the limit. Maybe I’ll have other ideas in the future”. The transition from Moto2 is not taken for granted. “There you are used to managing everything, here you have to open the throttle decisively because the power is so great. Martin today fell into a strange point, I think this is the reason ”.

“I have to change my style, I’ll have to adapt”

“Controlling the exit is not easy, but if you lean on the controls, you trust them and when you go full throttle the bike is more stationary. It seems a paradox, but it seems so. In the end, I struggled under braking, the feeling with the carbon disc is very special ”.  All things to work on. “I have to change the style, I will have to adapt, but it’s not a problem. I was only sorry to do a few laps, 15 were in and out. In the end, however, I was happy that we solved the problems, as well as being able to have many Ducati men in the garage, including Gigi (Dall’Igna). I hope the situation will repeat itself in the future ”.

“One bike should be fine, while they are still working on the second. I don’t know what problems there are, but the guys did a great job and they never stopped. I hope that tomorrow there will be no other problems, but in case we have two bikes available ”.


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