MotoGP, Luca Marini: “I hope for a rivalry with Bastianini”

Luca Marini talks about his first season in MotoGP after the presentation of Esponsorama Racing (Ducati). “A great and incredible emotion”

Esponsorama Racing (Ducati) officially presented Luca Marini and Enea Bastianini, both in their first season in MotoGP. This is the first presentation for a MotoGP team, which has also ‘unveiled’ the liveries for Moto3 with Carlos Tatay and Niccolò Antonelli. As well as those for MotoE where Xavier Cardelús and André Pires will be present.

The presentation allowed us to talk to Marini and Bastianini. For both of them, an apprenticeship season is expected. Covid-19 compromised the performance of the pre-season tests. A bit of trouble for the two rookies, who will only have the test in Qatar to get familiar with the bike.

Luca Marini is not afraid, however: “The first impression with the bike was fantastic. I had already tried those of Dovizioso and Petrucci, but they had a position that I didn’t like ”. He has therefore already begun to work on the first things. I feel better getting on my bike because we have made some ergonomics improvements. We have to work for Qatar, but we are a good team”. What about the relationship with the teammate? “Perfect! We have known each other for many years, we have always respected each other and it went well “.

There are the first details about the team too. “I will work with Luca Ferraccioli, he will be the crew chief. In recent years he has worked with the Avintia team and I have already met him. We talked and we tried to understand our working methods ”. ‘Maro’ doesn’t waste time: “I asked him as much as possible about the Ducati riders and we are trying to prepare as best we can for the tests in Qatar where we will test the bike for the first time.” Covid-19 has already upset part of the season: “It is a real shame not to be able to have tested in November; we will start late but we will try to work well.”

“There are no expectations for testing in Qatar”, continues Luca. “We need to get to know this bike, as well as the tires and electronics. Many things will change, including the working method which will be different from that of Moto2. We will have to start this new journey with patience, but with a great desire to do it in the best possible way ”. Will the category change involve changes in the preparation too? “No, I train to try to do everything I already do. I had to pay attention to the weight in the senior class too, therefore the nutrition will remain similar. I cannot exaggerate given my height. In recent years my weight was right for Moto2 and it is also right for MotoGP.  If during the season I see that I need more strength, I’ll change and do something different “.

In MotoGP Luca will find his brother Valentino Rossi, but also his friends Francesco Bagnaia and Franco Morbidelli. “During the season there will be specific things to ask, but for now it’s tough. I don’t know what to ask, there are so many new things ”. From this point of view, Bagnaia is the one who will be able to help him the most. “Pecco tells me many things because he knows Ducati and he has more to say. I don’t know how I could react to his advice, a technical tip without having tried anything is difficult to understand ”.

We then moved on to the emotional side of the debut. “I’ve always been labeled as one without emotions, but being able to work in MotoGP is incredible. Every day I think about what the first sensations on the bike might be like. On the first day, everything is always more beautiful, then things get normal. I can’t wait to start, I’m motivated because we are in the premier class. I think there is nothing better in our sport, we have to enjoy it every day! “

In Moto2 Marini and Bastianini fought for the title. Can a great rivalry arise in MotoGP? “Honestly, I hope so. It would mean that we are strong. With so many drivers, however, it will be complicated. Rivalries are no longer what they used to be. You have to fight with 12 guys to win. I don’t know if it’s easier or more difficult, it doesn’t take much to make a difference. I think the rivalries of this era will be different, but maybe in the future it will be only Enea and me who will go fast, who knows (smiles) “.

Besides them, there will be Jorge Martin among the rookies on Ducati. “It’s nice that the rookies are in Ducati, we can improve together by comparing the data. Being on the same bike is a great challenge. Maybe Martin will have something more, but if Enea and I are fast we can get some updates. We saw what happened with Zarco last year. We will try to go fast as soon as possible ”.

‘Maro’ will also have to battle with his older brother Valentino Rossi in 2021. What could happen if he arrivers in front of the 46? “We live in two different houses, luckily he can’t change the lock, so I’m calm (laughter)! Seriously, if that happens it means I’m going really strong, but it’s not going to be easy. Vale is scary! “


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