MotoGP, Marc Marquez comeback: will he race in Qatar?

Marc Marquez can’t wait to return to MotoGP. On the day of the Repsol Honda 2021 presentation, the champion could reveal his recovery times

Marc Marquez returns on social media with some frequency for reasons related to sponsors or to show phases of ongoing rehabilitation. Every day, the six-time MotoGP champion undergoes physiotherapy with his loyal Carlos Garcia. He trains on an exercise bike but no one knows his real clinical condition. Perhaps something will be known tomorrow morning, during the presentation of the Repsol Honda team.

On Monday there will be Marc’s first face-to-face press conference. Nobody expects the return date, but the Cervera phenomenon could clear the minds of millions of fans. Many speculate to see him again in Jerez on May 2, others think about June. The certainty is that in the last medical examination on 11 February at the Ruber Internacional hospital in Madrid, the first green light has arrived. The doctors who operated on him last December were satisfied with the bone calcification. Usually, recovery times can take up to twelve months, but for Marc Marquez shortened recovery times are expected.

MotoGP awaits its champion, rivals too are eager to compete with one of the greatest champions in history. Three months could be enough for the HRC driver, even less. In a photo posted on Instagram, the lack of muscle trophism of the deltoid was very evident. The only doubts are related to the radial nerve: if he went into paralysis it would take six months to recover. In any case, both Dorna and Honda will only give the green light to Marc Marquez when he is in perfect shape. Further damage to his right arm could end his career. In Qatar, test driver Stefan Bradl will replace him. Unless Cabroncito reserves an incredible surprise for us.


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