MotoGP, Marc Marquez: Portimao test of strength and endurance

The MotoGP will meet its ‘matador’ Marc Marquez in Portimao. According to experts, it will be a race to test strength and endurance on the Honda RC-V.

No rider in the world has ever stopped for nine months. Marc Marquez will return to cross the turnstiles of the MotoGP paddock on Thursday. Together with Iker Lecuona and Jack Miller, who was operated on for compartment syndrome, he will have to receive the fit from the circuit doctor. On Friday he will finally return on the saddle of his Honda RC213V exactly 9 months after the terrible injury in Jerez. For many, it will need a few races before picking up the pace, for as many it will be immediately competitive. Whatever happens, the Top Class show finds its main protagonist.


It will be one more champion who adds to the long MotoGP list, it will be a big problem“, commented Franco Morbidelli. In a highly uncertain and close season, the provisional leader’s 40 points can easily be filled. If the Cabroncito will be the one seen less than a year ago in Jerez, capable of lapping almost 1 second faster than its rivals (before the accident on lap 22) then let’s get ready for another ‘made in Cervera’ miracle. Marc Marquez? “Four months after the operation. I take it for granted that he has healed. The formation of a callus which by now should be mechanically valid in terms of torsions. It remains to evaluate the reactivity from the point of view of muscle, strength and endurance“, Explains Prof. Giuseppe Porcellini to ‘La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

The radial nerve was not damaged and this allowed him not to have to further extend the waiting times. Psychologically it seems ok, given the pace shown in the personal test in Portimao with the RC213V-S. Marc is already in race mode before Qatar, he was just waiting for the green light from the doctors. It will be the icing on the cake of an even more exciting show. Regardless of whether it is not loved by a host of fans. “If I were him, however, I would take this first race with a lot of patience, as a training. Even if for him it would be a huge sacrifice“, declares Giacomo AgostiniHe will come back as strong as before: it is a matter of time, one, two races, then we will see the usual Marc“.


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