MotoGP, Miller lowers his wings: “You have high expectations, not me”

Jack Miller closes the first MotoGP qualification in 5th position. There are those who expected an easy front row, but no drama: “More hungry tomorrow”.

The first MotoGP qualifying ‘in red’ could have been better for Jack Miller, but all in all, it didn’t go badly. After the tests and a terrific Friday, perhaps almost everyone expected to find him in the front row, but instead, the Australian will start from the fifth box. No drama, given the speed shown by Miller throughout the weekend and moreover the points are awarded on Sunday, as admitted by Jack himself.


The first to highlight how the 5th box is not a bad result is himself. “The expectation was all yours guys, 5th position is relatively good for me. We are strong at the start, I’m not too stressed, to be honest“. Without a doubt it could have been better: “I didn’t put everything together with the second tire, but we are in a good position and the race will be tomorrow. Obviously I wanted more, but I’m still on the 2nd row and I did a record lap“.


I think I have something more than what I did today, it will make me even more hungry and determined,” he continues. “The Yamahas have generally always been great overall, even on the flying lap. We will see how the management of the race will be tomorrow: there could be wind“. Miller reiterates the importance of the direction of the latter and of the .. sand: “I hope there is a headwind and we will have to understand how much sand there will be on the track. It is a factor that can affect tire wear“.


It could be a strategy match: “Maybe you can’t push to the limit from the start, otherwise the risk is not to finish the race“. Jack was once again the protagonist of a fall in the morning: “I don’t know what happened to be honest. I entered the corners, opened the throttle and lost the front. It certainly affected my confidence a little bit“.


Finally, he illustrates the slightly more “critical” areas: “We need to be more incisive in some changes of direction, such as the one between turns 11 and 12“. Overall, however, the package continues to work: “We are strong in acceleration and I think it will be one of the crucial aspects tomorrow. I think we have everything under control, but only time will tell“. In the meantime, we can continue to work: “In FP4 we tried to ride with used tires and tried to make the bike more stable“.


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