MotoGP Qatar, what a joke for Joan Mir: “Two missiles passed me”

The MotoGP world champion Joan Mir loses the podium in the sprint against the Ducati of Zarco and Bagnaia, but he has no regrets: “Sometimes you have to take risks!”

Joan Mir can smile at the end of the first race of the season, but the regret for having lost the podium in the sprint remains. The world champion has the great sensations he had in 2020 and he proved to be a great rider. Only two rockets called Ducati prevented Joan from starting 2021 with a podium.

“Sometimes you have to take risks”

“Finally, the good feelings are back. It’s the most important thing. I was aware that the drop in the tires would be massive, I tried not to push too hard at the beginning.” Mir explains his tactics. “I wanted to stay behind Zarco to defend 3rd place. Once you get there you have to take risks to get as many points as possible”.

“I don’t think I made a mistake on the last corner”

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as he hoped. “I knew I had two angry Ducatis behind me, I saw the finish line close by but then two missiles passed me (he smiles, ed). I gave 100%, next time I know what to do. I went wide but normally if you take that line you come out with more thrust towards the straight. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. Our bike worked well, I want to thank Suzuki for that. Next week there will be a new chance ”.

“For some reason, I couldn’t stop the bike”

The key thing for Mir is to get back to ride the way he wants. “For some reason, I couldn’t stop the bike and I had so many problems. I was pushing like an animal but the lap didn’t come, it was frustrating and I was angry ”. The night between Saturday and Sunday changed something. “We found a 2020 setting thing and everything is back. It helped me a lot, also because I ride a lot with my legs ”.

“When I ride I use my legs a lot”

“I use leg power a lot, but if you notice, Suzuki’s fuel tank is flat. This means that when I brake my knees go forward. I don’t like it, I’m uncomfortable, while with another shape I ride more naturally”. The Spaniard also comments on qualifying. “It seems that I am comfortable starting from the 4th row. In reality, it was a difficult weekend, I’m not good at disguising it and you could see that I was angry ”.

“Self-control is essential”

Maintaining control, however, was crucial. “When everything is fine I am relaxed, but when something is wrong I get angry. However, you have to learn to control, my parents taught me that ”. Step by step it all comes together. “Yesterday I wanted to break everything, but it’s not right. The team wants the best for me, it is essential to control myself. Even though I was overtaken by two Ducatis at the end ”.

“Crazy Ducati, but their riders are great too”

“I was surprised at the end, I was expecting a Ducati, not two! They are incredibly fast on the straight, but the riders drive it very well too. Their bike is an animal but the guys who get on it are very good at managing power, it’s not just something about the bike ”.


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