MotoGP, Quartararo-Zarco French pride. Martín: “This podium is for Gresini”

Fabio Quartararo is more confident, Johann Zarco is leading the championship, Jorge Martín continues to grow quickly. Here the comments of the top 3 in the race

Two Frenchmen on the first two steps of the MotoGP podium and a rookie in third place. Fabio Quartararo and Johann Zarco sang their hymn at the top of their voices. They are also reminded that the precedent of two French riders on the podium (1st and 3rd) dates back to 1954. “Your father wasn’t even born yet” joked the Moto2 champion to his colleague. Jorge Martín impressed with the pole position in his second race in the premier class, and then he dominated a good part of the race. A nice podium trio to command an impressive GP in terms of gaps. Less than 17 seconds to separate almost all the riders on the track!

“This victory that gives me confidence”

“I felt that I could win the race” Fabio Quartararo underlined at the end of the GP. “I was strong in some corners because I was able to manage differently than last week. It’s a victory that gives me a lot of confidence. ” He immediately underlines with pride the presence of his compatriot Zarco as well. “For me, the victory is great, but it is also great to see two Frenchmen in front! They also recently asked us what we would do if we were together on the last lap… Luckily I had a good margin! “ he smiled. “There were really strong emotions, I think it’s one of the best moments of my career.”

The good climate created with the new box mate is also worthy of note. “There is an excellent relationship with Maverick. We did a great job together in the preseason. There was a lot of collaboration, and now we are fighting together for the same results.” Regarding the bike, “We have improved a lot, I had a good feeling. Of course, the first race didn’t go well, but I learned my lesson. It is a victory that gives me much more confidence than last year’s because I started from afar. This track helped us in overtaking. But it is also true that we have an excellent level of confidence at the front, which was not there last year. In Portimao, we will see the potential of the M1. Only Franco did well there with the M1 2019″

“Maybe I feel less pressure than the factory riders”

“Before the start, I was wondering how I would manage the race” admitted Johann Zarco. “But in the end, we got off to a very good start. Jorge managed the race, with a much faster pace than last week. I felt good behind him, but it is thanks to the engine that I was able to finish second again. “ He is satisfied with this second race of the season. “I managed both the energy and the tires. I felt I could think about victory, until Fabio arrived… I knew there were several behind me, then I managed to pass Jorge and everything was perfect.”

Second place and world championship leadership. “I didn’t expect it,” he admitted. “But I still have to improve. We will then see if we can exploit the potential of the bike on other tracks as well. Things are going well, even in the team, with this Italian environment. When you are happy things come and you can only think about fighting at the top.” He and his pit mate finished ahead of the factory team riders. “In Pramac, we have the same bike. Maybe we have less pressure and this helps us to give even more. But it cannot be said that they had a bad race with these reduced gaps! “ There is also a comment on the fact of having had a French duo at the finish line in front of everyone. “It is really a great result for our country. That’s why I sang so much! It was a truly unique moment. “

“With Ducati, it went well from day one”

The rookie Jorge Martín led for 18 laps, before giving up two positions. However, he put a great podium on the scoresheet, after Saturday’s pole position. “It was difficult to manage 18 laps. I was able to control both the pace and the tires, we made a big step forward. Of course in the end we lacked a bit of speed. It is a pity that we lost the second position. But when I saw Johann in front I realized that I couldn’t try again or we would both crash! “ Of course he is more than happy with the result. “The podium is crazy, we took a great opportunity to be here and I’m really happy. I was obviously a bit nervous at the start, being on pole is not easy.”

As for the race itself, “I thought I had the same pace as the front riders, but I figured they would overtake me soon. I saw instead that I was able to hold, despite a full tank. But it certainly is a race that gives me a lot of confidence. “ The feeling with the Ducati is increasingly optimal. “From day one I felt good. It’s the best bike I’ve ever ridden. “ There is also a special dedication. “This podium is for Fausto Gresini. It was very important in my career. He gave me the opportunity to move to Honda when the results didn’t come. He was also a dear friend. I spent a lot of time on his team and I know he’s watching us from up there now. “


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