MotoGP: One of Valentino Rossi’s suits stolen in Spain

One of the suits worn by Valentino Rossi in 2017 was stolen on 12th May in La Coruna. The suit, which was worn by Rossi at last year’s Qatar GP (where he scored a 3rd-place finish), was being displayed at Yamaha Manell Motor since 2nd February and it was stolen at night by a man. A real burglary, which was filmed by surveillance cameras and carried out in ten seconds, by using a hammer. The man was wearing white gloves, blue training shoes and a windbreaker and he stole just that suit. This means that the burglary was commissioned, probably by a collector.

The suit was displayed in the concessionaire as a tourist attraction. It belonged to Dainese and it should have been given back by a few weeks. Despite a €25,000 policy, Manell Motor is collaborating with the police to find the suit. Both Valentino Rossi and Dainese keep the suits he uses during his career and some of them are displayed also at DAR, in Vicenza (Italy). The happening is still being investigated.

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