Red Bull Rookies Cup, Sachsenring, Race 2: Can Öncü wins over his twin brother Deniz, Salač 3rd

The two Turkish riders have been the undiscussed leaders of this weekend’s races: this time, it was the leader of the Cup who got the 1st place. Filip Salač also stepped on the podium, with the 3rd place.

This German weekend has been dominated by the Öncü twins, who kept the victory in the family during both races: eventually, in Race 2, Can Öncü crossed the finish line 1st ahead of his brother Deniz, getting an additional advantage also in the overall ranking (now he his 52 points ahead). The battle for the 3rd step on the podium had been won by Filip Salač.

Both Can and Deniz Öncü kicked off amazingly today, closely followed by Carrasco, Artigas, Salač, and Yamanaka. Max Cook’s race got messed up as he slipped just a few laps after the beginning and had to re-enter the race from the bottom of the group, before deciding to withdraw and return to the pit lane. Hernandez got a penalty for a jump start and had to do a ride through. Can Öncü tried to maintain a large lead over his brother and Yamanaka, but they both disliked his move and worked to break away from their rivals and shorten the distance from the leading rider.

Race 2 ended early for both the Italian riders, as 10 laps before the end they had to pull out because of Patacca’s high-side that made Alfano fell too (luckily with no injuries for the riders). In the meanwhile, the head of the group turned into a duel between the Öncü brothers, followed by Yamanaka, later reached by Carrasco, Artigas and Salač, all fighting for the 3th place.

The weekend finished with a double Turkish victory, this time with Can Öncü ahead of his twin brother Deniz for just one-tenth. Filip Salač won the battle for the 3rd step on the podium, followed by Adrián Carrasco, Xavier Artigas, and Ryusei Yamanaka. Carlos Tatay got the 7th place, winning over Sean Kelly, Steward García, Adrián Huertas and Barry Baltus.

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