FSBK: Ducati Panigale V4 R admitted into French Superbike Championship

FSBK (Championnat de France Superbike) has always been something unique in the world of motorcycle racing. Until 2018, only the Superbikes costing up to €26,000 were admitted and so there was no room for the Ducati R machines. However, everything has changed for 2019.

PRICE CAP – The price cap of the French Superbike series is based only on the price of the bike’s street version. There was plenty of discussion about it and the Commission Nationale de Vitesse of FFM (the French motorcycling federation) explained that it was introduced to help “amateurs”. That way, the CNV meant that the people able to buy a motorcycle, that costed more than €26,000, had a too big advantage on the rest of the field.

WELCOME, PAGINALE V4 R – However, the CNV have changed their mind ahead of 2019: on 23rd January, the “price cap” was officially increased from €26,000 to €40,000. It means that the brand new Ducati Panigale V4 R will be allowed to contest FSBK, as its cost is €39,990. This is a great news for all the Ducati riders in FSBK, starting from veteran David Muscat. Previously, the Frenchman had to race in French Superbike series on the Ducati 1098 and, later, on the street version of 1199 Panigale…


Translated by Alessandro Palma

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