Why doesn’t FIM auction the TV rights of MotoGP and Superbike?

Before the traditional press conference opening the Austin GP, we interviewed Vito Ippolito to clarify the situation. The Chairman of FIM talked about the fight between Marc Márquez and Valentino Rossi and the relationship between Dorna and FIM. We tried to understand why he entrusted Carmelo Ezpeleta the management of the fight between the two riders. Moreover, he said why he gave the TV rights of both MotoGP and World Superbike to the same society.

Will Mr. Ippolito go to Austin to speak about Argentinian events and motorcycle fair play with Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez?  

No, the President of the FIM will not be there. He shall be in Le Mans for the FIM Endurance World Championship round this weekend, as planned some time ago. However, the President of the FIM sent messages to the two riders through the press. 

Why did we immediately know that Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna, would meet Rossi and Marquez in Texas and the Federation does not express with strength the same decision?

Carmelo Ezpeleta has been engaged in MotoGP for 25 years in a row. He knows the riders well and has built up relationships based on trust and good fellowship. Moreover, as our promoter, I am sure he is interested in having the best possible atmosphere in the Championship. 

Do not you think that the Rossi-Marquez affair can also have an impact on the relationship between Dorna and FIM? The Sport Promoter of MotoGP who is responsible for settling a dispute that should remain within the federal regulations?

There is no problem at all on that score. Everyone knows what their role is. The FIM is the sporting and disciplinary authority of the World Championship, as the CEO of Dorna stated recently in Doha.

About existing relationships, which could distort the authority of the FIM and undermine the credibility of the MotoGP, wouldn’t it be better to have an auction every two or three years, the same as in football, rather than have an agreement that has an unspecified date, it seems 2039? 

You cannot make a direct comparison between Motorcycling and Football. The business model is totally different. In motorcycling we have a promoter and we believe that a long-term partnership is beneficial for the sport.

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