Moto3 Le Mans, Race: Albert Arenas first win among penalties and crashes

Albert Arenas wins his first World Championship ahead of his teammate Andrea Migno and Marcos Ramirez. Bezzecchi and Martin fell during the final lap.

This Moto3 race in Le Mans gave us many dramatic turns of events, from riders’ falls to the penalties that eventually changed the whole ranking. In the end, it was Albert Arenas who managed to conquer his first victory in a World Championship (fun fact: there is Mike Wazowski printed on his helmet, one of “Monsters&co” leading characters). The Angel Nieto team made it twice today, with Andrea Migno finishing 2nd. Marcos Ramirez filled the 3rd step on the podium. During the final lap, both Bezzecchi and Martin fell while fiercely fighting for the 1st place; for now, the Italian rider remains the World Championship leader.

When the lights went off, all front-row riders kicked off spectacularly. Bezzecchi and Di Giannantonio were closely following them while rookie Masaki slipped out of track and ended up at the back of the group. From now on there will be an intense five-riders battle to win a step on the podium. The leading group was followed by another five riders, led by Antonelli. Seven laps before the end of the race the two groups rejoined, and all riders kept on fighting for the podium until the finish line. Many penalties were given during this exciting race: Livio Loi did a jump start and got a ride through; Kornfeil and Antonelli got 1,3 seconds penalty each after the end of the race for cutting through the chicane between Turn 9-10 and Turn 3-4 respectively.

Bastianini got a zero for the third time this season as he crashed at the beginning of the last lap, while Kornfeil somehow saved himself by jumping over the Italian rider’s bike, but that cost him his spot in the leading group. This race’s dramatic turns of events didn’t end there, as the final battle gave us Bezzecchi’s high-side that made him fall while also hitting Martin. Fabio Di Giannantonio crossed the finish line first but then he got a three-second penalty for cutting Turn 8. The Angel Nieto team won twice today, with Albert Arenas gaining his first World Championship victory and his teammate Andrea Migno arriving 2nd. Marcos Ramirez closed 3rd followed by Fabio Di Giannantonio (4th), Niccolò Antonelli, Jakub Kornfeil, and Tony Arbolino. Aron Canet was forced to start from the last position on the starting grid because of a penalty but managed to finish 8th, ahead of Tatsuki Suzuki and rookie Jaume Masia.

Here you are the list of pulled-back riders: Bastianini, Bezzecchi, and Martin ended their race earlier because of different falls, as did Rodrigo, Bulega, and Norrodin. Dalla Porta seemed to experience some technical issues, probably to the gearshift, and he slipped on Turn 8’s gravel: he tried to re-enter the race but then decided to withdraw and went back to the pit.

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