MotoGP, Joan Mir: “I’m the rider to beat, but not the favorite”

Joan Mir comments on his new situation as the MotoGP champion in office. “The pressure doesn’t affect me, but I have to do better.” Favourites 2021? “If Marc Márquez comes back …”

MotoGP 2021 season in which we will have Joan Mir called to defend the world title. A new situation for him (in Moto3 after the title he had changed class), with a bit more pressure, but a lot of determination to do much better than last year. This transpires during the first meeting of the year organized via Zoom, in addition to commenting on the departure of Davide Brivio, the ‘new celebrity’ after the world title, the favourites for 2021 … Despite the questions, he then simply smiles without unbuttoning about the number he will use: see you on February 12 to find out more about this.


“The preparation hasn’t changed” the reigning champion began. “I focus as always on training in motion, cardio, gym, any championship we have to face.” The reference is clearly due to the possible shortenings already seen last year, considering the current situation. “Let’s hope for a slightly more normal calendar is his hope. Certainly there will again be a rigid protocol to be followed to avoid contagions during the World Cup. “Now I’m a bit more relaxed, but as soon as the season starts, the nightmare will return!” joked the Majorcan driver, well aware of the period that the whole world is experiencing.

Favourites for the new year? The answer may perhaps surprise you: “If Marc returns to 100% he will be the favourite. Apart from him, I don’t think there is anyone in particular. I’m sure I’m the man to beat, but I don’t consider myself the favourite.” Why? It is easy to say: “I have to start doing some poles, to win more races… We have to improve in this sense. Then I can become the favourite. Of course, the goal of the season is to try to repeat ourselves, but I want to do better than last season.” As for the Cervera champion, “He has been standing still for a long time and it is certainly not easy to get back to the top immediately. But I wouldn’t be particularly surprised to see him competitive right away.”


Do not overlook a comment on Davide Brivio‘s exit from the Suzuki team. “He called me. I was on vacation in Tenerife,” said Joan Mir. “I thought it was a joke. Then he explained everything to me. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a shock.” But he’s not worried about the future organization on the team. “I am sure that in Suzuki there are people who still know how to manage this situation: I am thinking of Sahara, but not only. Of course I will miss his [Brivio’s] charisma and it was nice to celebrate the title together.” As he himself admitted, a goal that will not be easy to win back, but underlines the positive atmosphere in the team. Suzuki pushes for an even more competitive team.”

Attention also to his box mate, Alex Rins. “He suffered the injury in the first part of the season,” said the Majorcan. “But he grew up race after race and finished 3rd. Without that initial mistake … But Alex was able to handle the situation in the best possible way”. Joan Mir is the special observed. Even at Home: People recognize me now, he said. “In Andorra, in Mallorca even more! For the rest, however, little has changed.” Does the pressure increase in a championship perspective? “I felt it last year too,” he admitted. “But it never affected me. Indeed, we must be able to make the most of it right from the start.”


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